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It can be easy to take root in a silo. We have deadlines. People expect projects from us. And so we forge ahead, sometimes without engaging others. But often it is collaboration that creates resource, agency and a larger perspective on the work we do. That collaboration can look a bunch of different ways. But […]

Leveraging Your Celebration for an Effective Program

Celebrating a milestone anniversary at your event can engage a wide range of supporters, create a celebratory air that increases giving and sets the stage for effective storytelling about the impact and growth of your organization. To do all of this you have to be strategic and not just assume that the party will accomplish […]

Connecting Your Audience to Your Mission

Connecting an audience to why your work matters is key in maximizing fundraising potential at events. People give to organizations they believe in and resonate with. If someone really believes in the stories of your clients and the impact of your work, they will follow and support it with gusto. But they have to know […]

Get Your Message Across Within a Theme

A theme can take an event and turn it into something memorable and fun for your guests. It can take your event to the next level. But be careful to keep your program mission-focused within that theme. You want your guests to walk away feeling good and having fun. But you also want to make […]

Storytelling Through Video

Telling the story of your organization at your event in a compelling and clear way is one of the most important parts of your program. It is vital to tap into the why of your work first, to convey the beating heart of it all. This will pull your donors in and engage them. While […]

Helping Your Honorees Find Their Voices

Celebrating honorees at your event is a great way to highlight key people in your organization and encourage them to bring their supporters. It can also be a great opportunity for those strategic voices to speak to your organization and the impact of its work. Honorees on the microphone at an event can be a […]

When Showing Your Work Tells Your Story

There is an inherent relationship between your event program and the work of your organization. Or at least there should be. It’s an opportunity for the form and function of what you do to help tell your story at the event. The easiest way to do that is to look at who is on stage […]

Bring Your Event Together With a Great Emcee

Often an event’s emcee selection can seem less important than some of the other pieces. It is important that you have your special appeal speaker ready and sponsors taken care of. But the emcee can actually make or break the flow of the program at your event and should be a component that you spend […]
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