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A Specific Message for a Specific Audience

When designing an event for a particular audience, you have a perfect chance to tailor the scope of your messaging to the audience most impacted by your thought leadership. This gives you an opportunity not only to engage supporters and raise money, but also raise your stature among thought leaders on the issues that your […]

Honoring Your Mission by Honoring Your Advocates

Every organization has a chance to build an event program that feels genuinely reflective of the kind of communities they hope to build. When you spend time during your program expressing gratitude for the advocates who’ve helped make your mission possible, you have a chance to make your community feel not only seen and heard […]

Choosing the Right Emcee

A great emcee is one that brings your event energy, professionalism, a personal story that connects to your mission and, ideally, a connection with your community partners through their role. Looking inside a partner organization for the voice of your emcee is a fantastic way to marry your mission and message more fully with theirs […]

The Beauty of a Great Appeal Story

Your appeal story is a wonderful chance to remind your audience what your organization does best. Programs that have had great recent success are a perfect place to look for a story that is meaningful, reminding your audience what’s at stake when they support your programs and inspires giving in the room. This year’s Latino […]

Finding the Right Storytelling Partner

Being in alignment with your storytelling partner matters. Sourcing a storyteller who is part of the community you work in is a wonderful way to deepen your story and your relationships at the same time. North by Northeast Community Health Center found out what a difference this makes at their first-ever fundraiser, Community Supper. As the only […]

The Power of Raising a Glass

If your organization supports a community that faces hardships, your event is a great way to celebrate how the community overcomes those hardships and thrives. Domestic violence support services nonprofit Bradley Angle does an incredible job of this with their annual GlamHer event celebrating survivors. By highlighting “after” stories of the power and potential of […]

Connecting to a Statewide Campaign

Your larger work as an organization can be the perfect way to build a stronger and more connected annual event. The best way to do this is to dynamically dovetail your event with a more comprehensive campaign so that they can amplify each other. Trillium Family Services does a fantastic job of this with their […]

When Your Event Rocks Your Mission

Your mission as an organization could be the perfect opportunity to bring more authenticity to the kind of event you put on, who attends and why. This was exactly what the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) had in mind when putting together their Battle of the Bands event. Designed to increase advocacy and fundraising […]

Turning Up Your Special Appeal’s Impact

Your special appeal has the potential to be your largest source of fundraising income on the day of your event. The best way to harness this potential is to tell the most impactful story you can that positions your organization as the change agent in the life of those featured. Community Action did just that […]

Your Event as a Platform

Sometimes leaning into the political climate impacting your organization can bring the room together at your event. There are times when it makes sense to name the elephant in the room and its effect on those you support. When you get in front of it and frame it in a constructive way, you can direct […]
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