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The Success of a Content Rich Program

SOLVE empowers everyday Oregonians to become stewards of their local environment and keep our state beautiful, clean and natural. They have so many different ways to get involved and they wanted to be sure that was reflected in the program for their Celebrate SOLVE Annual Breakfast last week. The big question was how to do […]

Creative Sponsor Engagement

In a slowly recovering economy, sponsors—just like everyone else—are having to find alternative ways to meet their bottom lines while still giving back. Instead of this being an obstacle, we’re seeing a lot of creative solutions between sponsors and non-profits. When you have a sponsor that wants to step up in creative ways to engage […]

People Give to People

We are often asked, “What’s the secret to sponsorship?” There’s one easy answer: talk to your potential sponsors don’t just send them paperwork. That’s both the bad and the good news in fundraising. It’s the bad news because you can’t hide behind a great sponsorship proposal that you send far and wide and just wait […]

4 Tips for Successful Silent Auction

Hats off to Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp for their wildly successful Speakeasy Gala and Auction two weekends ago! It was an evening full of many successes, and at the top of that list was their well curated silent auction. Besides creating a distinct look and feel for the silent auction, Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp employed […]

The Traditional Event Arc

Cocktail Hour Your guests will arrive at your event in varying states of engagement. Your job is to reel them in. A cocktail hour can allow them to acclimate to your event and leave their daily baggage behind. This time is also perfect to start getting them to engage with your organization through a silent […]

Building a Program that Raises You More Money

Group dynamics help dictate a natural flow for an event. Because your audience’s engagement is limited, it is critical to build your event to match and maximize this natural flow of engagement. A successful fundraising event capitalizes on momentum and audience engagement instead of fighting against them. Keeping your program tight so it moves along […]

A Theme in Action

In a town with over a hundred galas a year, themes are a great and easy way to set your event apart from the rest. They provide you with many ways to shape your event to fit the expectations of your audience, and also allow you to get creative with many of your event elements. […]

Maximizing the Potential of Your Event Planning Committee

One of the strongest assets you have in ensuring a successful event is your planning committee. From coordinating volunteers to managing data entry to helping spread the word about your event, a planning committee brings with it a whole world of additional support and resources for your organization. The most important facet of working with […]

Designing an Event to Fit Your Audience

Who are your guests? What type of event do they want to attend? How do they engage with the world around them? And most importantly…how do you balance both the need to wow your audience with the practicalities of a non-profit budget? Answering these questions now is critical to achieving or exceeding your event goals. […]

The Effects of Social Media

  Social media is all the rage these days, and for good reason: RESULTS. If you’re not engaging your audience where they live—Facebook, Twitter, and the like—you could be missing a great opportunity to get them to your event. A client of ours honed in on Facebook as a resource to promote their spring fundraising […]
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