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If your organization supports a community that faces hardships, your event is a great way to celebrate how the community overcomes those hardships and thrives.

Domestic violence support services nonprofit Bradley Angle does an incredible job of this with their annual GlamHer event celebrating survivors. By highlighting “after” stories of the power and potential of coming through the hardships of domestic violence, Bradley Angle focuses on the strength and possibilities inherent in surviving and thriving.

GlamHer threads celebration through every aspect of the event, from a big red carpet opportunity at the beginning of the event, fun grab bags filled with mystery items, a special cocktail hour visit from local star Drag Queens who give performances during the program and a high-powered Drag Queen emcee. Survivors are lauded for their strength and resilience throughout the program and the special appeal focuses on a powerful story of survivorship.

Just because your organization supports a community that faces hardships doesn’t mean your event needs to put hardship first. You could focus instead on celebrating what happens when we overcome.

photos by Andie Petkus

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