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Bring Your Event Together With a Great Emcee

Often an event’s emcee selection can seem less important than some of the other pieces. It is important that you have your special appeal speaker ready and sponsors taken care of. But the emcee can actually make or break the flow of the program at your event and should be a component that you spend […]

Fundraising Partner Profile: Oregon Golf Club

VENDOR TYPE: Venue NAME: Anna Dukehart + Nicole Bergin COMPANY: Oregon Golf Club We like working with Anna, Nicole and their team because: They get nonprofit fundraising events and are a great event partner from planning to execution. They offer a flexible space, quality service and are really invested in our clients’ success. They are […]

Fundraising Partner Profile: Stephen Kilbreath Benefit Auctions

VENDOR TYPE: Auctioneer NAME: Stephen Kilbreath COMPANY: Stephen Kilbreath Benefit Auctions We like working with Stephen because: He is a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, a designation that few auctioneers have. This means he understands nonprofit fundraising and represents our clients and their mission. He has a great demeanor and works well with fundraising audiences. Q + […]

Streamline Registration by Managing Your Data

Check in and check out can change the opinion of your guests’ event experience. As the first point of contact with you on event day and the last impression on their way out the door, registration plays a huge part in your success and figuring out a streamlined system is imperative. When registration is an […]

Fundraising Partner Profile: Morel Ink

VENDOR TYPE: Full-Service Printer + Mailhouse NAME: Libby Upham COMPANY: Morel Ink We like working with Libby and her team because: They love supporting nonprofits and the quality of their printed product elevates the profile of any event. When we need a custom award or giveaway, Libby and her team find great solutions, help us […]

Fundraising Partner Profile: Stumptown DJs

VENDOR TYPE: Event DJs NAME: Matthew Kurowski COMPANY: Stumptown DJs We like working with Matthew and his team because: They play great music, they understand creating an engaging event atmosphere and they give a ton back to the community. They love what they do and it shows. Stumptown DJs are a great partner for our […]

Fundraising Partner Profile: Kelly Russell Auctions

VENDOR TYPE: Professional Benefit Auctioneer NAME: Kelly Russell COMPANY: Kelly Russell Auctions We like working with Kelly and her team because: They are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do, and that brings amazing energy to any event. Kelly is a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist and always has her eye on how to maximize fundraising opportunities for […]

Relationships Help Drive Event Success

Relationships are the backbone of a successful event. Who your organization has touched and cultivated relationships with will help frame your support base. People give to people. And they give a lot more if they feel connected to you and invested in your organization. Then when you have a good relationship with someone, and they […]

Fundraising Partner Profile: Streamline Support

VENDOR TYPE: Registration Computer Support NAME: Jon Bridenbaugh COMPANY: Streamline Support We like working with Jon and his team because: Streamline Support does exactly that. They understand nonprofit events and the function of database software in the success of an event. They work well to help ensure our clients have a smooth registration and check […]

Centerpiece Sales

Centerpieces are a great addition to your event. They help to set the theme, add some visual stimulation and they can even be an additional revenue source. So often we talk to committee members who have spent weeks discussing as a committee how to monetize their centerpieces and yet rarely are they going to yield […]
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