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Your Event as a Platform

Sometimes leaning into the political climate impacting your organization can bring the room together at your event. There are times when it makes sense to name the elephant in the room and its effect on those you support. When you get in front of it and frame it in a constructive way, you can direct […]

Pairing Your Honorees and Your Mission

The honorees at your event are a great opportunity to have someone else tell the story of your mission and champion your organization. At their Oregonians Against Discrimination Business Leaders Luncheon this year, Basic Rights Oregon honored two local Portland businesses leading the way in recognizing and supporting transgender and LGBTQ-inclusive policies, practices and trainings. […]

Using the Event Program to Share Your Traditions

Bringing donors into the traditions of your organization makes them feel a deeper connection to your work. And putting those you do the work for in the room with donors also lets them see your work in action. Camp Fire Columbia worked this year to make their student voices present in as many aspects of […]

Activating Your Organization’s Partners

Because events happen in a live and dynamic space, you can utilize them to activate your organization’s sponsors and partners in engaging ways that make them known and give them unique opportunities to be a part of your mission. Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives utilizes this idea at their annual gala which takes place as a […]

Making Your Clients Your Event Program

Likely no one is going to better convey the impact of your programs than those benefitting from them. Getting those voices on stage at your event brings the narrative from third person to first person quickly, and directly shows the impact of your work. This year Ethos Music Center used this idea to drive the […]

Sponsorship Best Practices Yield Big Results

This spring all of the incredibly hard cultivation work done by Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Development Director at Centro Cultural de Washington County, paid off at their annual Gala de Cultura. He spent over a year cultivating the event’s sponsors. And the return on his investment was huge. He expanded the organization’s ability to fundraise for […]

Adding a Paddle Raise at Your Lunch

One of the biggest differences you can make in your appeal is to move it from a passive ask to an active one. With breakfast and lunch events—which don’t usually have some form of live auction—it might not come to mind to have bid paddles. But bid paddles enable you to tap into two of […]

Splitting Your Event + Tailoring It to Your Audience

More isn’t always more. More guests don’t automatically increase your fundraising potential. Having the right people in the room is what does. You want your biggest supporters who will help you create momentum in the room to motivate even more people to give. The best events are full of engaged supporters that want to be […]

Putting the Creativity in Creative Partnerships

Regional Arts + Culture Council held its annual breakfast with a slightly different thematic twist this year to capture the energy and creativity of collaboration. Called Juice: Fueling Innovation, the event hoped to spark ideas and inspiration for support of the arts. Guests walked in to a juice bar featuring several flavors of a local […]
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