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Narrow Your Messaging Focus for Success

Nonprofits are complex organizations that usually do work across several program areas, and often have a hard time telling their complicated story. We talk to them about how to streamline their messaging at events and focus on one area of impact to capitalize on their fundraising potential. This year Bradley Angle, a domestic violence organization, […]

Milestones are a Great Opportunity

For events, organizational milestones like significant anniversaries can be challenging. Beyond the fact that your organization has made it this long, how do you use that mile mark to engage donors? The key is to utilize the occasion in an effective way that isn’t just self-congratulatory, but in a way that actually drives the programming […]

The Momentum of Engagement

For many years Community Action has held an acquisition breakfast event. With those acquired donors in their cultivation stream, they started to look to shift their event to more deeply engage and educate people in their work. To help them become more invested in Community Action. So they broke away from their traditional breakfast and […]

Getting Your Conference Speakers on the Same Page

The Oregon Arts Commission recently held its annual Oregon Arts Summit in Ashland. This gathering of arts organizations, arts associations, elected officials, individual artists and arts professionals from around the state explored how they can work together to make communities stronger. The Summit will also served as a creative exchange for organizations to share resources […]

Your Theme Can Bring Support to the Table

When you pick an event theme that has messaging attached to it versus being a platform for décor, you can really tie together the mission of your organization and increase your sphere of support. This year at their Equal Opportunity Day Awards Dinner, Urban League of Portland utilized the theme of “Economic Empowerment” to tie […]

What’s in a Name?

When it comes to events, a lot can be in a name. The name of your event establishes a tone and expectation from guests about what they’ll experience. Naming the event is the first phase of your marketing. It can be a way to set yourself apart from other events and build momentum before you […]

Thinking Beyond the Silent Auction + Wine Wall

There are many different revenue-generating activities that you can incorporate into your event to add elements of fun as well as offer different levels of giving to your guests. But instead of them being arbitrary activities, you can use them to create cohesion within your event and further engage donors in your work. Columbia Land […]

Standing Alongside the Giants

Every day we spend with our clients are good ones. And most days, the work we do with them elevates all we do as a business. We’re so honored to walk alongside them and help elevate their fundraising so that they can go change the world. Nonprofits and their commitment to the greater good are […]
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