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Use Donor Acquisition Events Effectively

Effective use of a donor acquisition event in your development plan can lead to effective introductions to a new donor pool and a great way to spread the word about your organization. The primary purpose of this type of event is introduction. The structure is relatively simple. The event is free, the program for the […]

Getting to the Heart of an Organization

We encourage organizations to start the program of their event with a video that we call the ‘who we are’ piece. It’s a great way to dim the lights and bring the attention of the room together. It’s also an easy way to tell the story of your organization in a condensed and engaging format […]

Real Stories About Real People Make a Difference

Your special appeal is the largest fundraising opportunity during your event. Not the silent auction. Not the raffle. Not the wine wall. The special appeal. And because it is such a large opportunity, it is important to spend significant time and energy on it to yield that return. Your special appeal should not be about […]

Meet Avery

Meet Avery. He’s proof that it’s never too early to start to teach the power of volunteering and philanthropy. Avery recently attended the Raphael House Founders Dinner—solo. He got dropped off at the University Club where the event was held and volunteered to sell wild card raffle tickets before the live auction. But when the […]

Event Themes Can Extend Far Beyond Centerpieces

Sometimes planning a fundraising event can seem like stitching together seemingly disparate elements with 50 colors of thread. Your organization wants a keynote. And to give away awards. And to have some live music. And a special appeal. And the executive director has a lot to say about updates for your organization over the last […]

Improved Format Suits Audience Just Fine

Columbia Land Trust held another wildly successful event last weekend at Montgomery Park. A great portion of that success can be traced to the momentum they were able to capitalize on due to the event’s actual format, one that they started to play with three years ago. CLT’s dedicated audience is comprised of people passionate […]

Keep Things Fun

A fundraising event with a fun, festive, social atmosphere focused on the positive impact of the donor’s gift, increases individual giving and fosters a more successful relationship with major donors than an event with a more formal, business feel. Community Action decided to transform their annual gala from a formal affair with a keynote speaker […]
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