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A Theme in Action

In a town with over a hundred galas a year, themes are a great and easy way to set your event apart from the rest. They provide you with many ways to shape your event to fit the expectations of your audience, and also allow you to get creative with many of your event elements. […]

Maximizing the Potential of Your Event Planning Committee

One of the strongest assets you have in ensuring a successful event is your planning committee. From coordinating volunteers to managing data entry to helping spread the word about your event, a planning committee brings with it a whole world of additional support and resources for your organization. The most important facet of working with […]

Designing an Event to Fit Your Audience

Who are your guests? What type of event do they want to attend? How do they engage with the world around them? And most importantly…how do you balance both the need to wow your audience with the practicalities of a non-profit budget? Answering these questions now is critical to achieving or exceeding your event goals. […]

The Effects of Social Media

  Social media is all the rage these days, and for good reason: RESULTS. If you’re not engaging your audience where they live—Facebook, Twitter, and the like—you could be missing a great opportunity to get them to your event. A client of ours honed in on Facebook as a resource to promote their spring fundraising […]

Pledge Based Events

Does the thought of doing all the work for a big event overwhelm you? Why not engage your most passionate supporters to help do some of the heaving lifting for you! Pledge based events—a more traditional walk or any kind of ‘a-thon’ like bowling or jump roping or running laps—are fabulous ways to help bring […]

Building Better Events… Continued

Today we had the opportunity to present a Greater Giving Webinar about planning for your auction. We took questions from our callers and in our limited one-hour time frame, we weren’t able to get to all of your questions. So Samantha wants to tackle some of those unanswered questions and help you prepare for your […]

How Video Can Really Change Your Event

The fall fundraising sprint is just around the corner. While this can be hard to think about in the midst of August when beaches and lapping waves are more appealing, time flies. And, if you’re doing your event this fall the same old way as you’ve always done it… then you’re going to do it […]

The Changing Face of Sponsorship

We often get asked to consult on the wide world of sponsorship. Sponsorships help generate long-term health and possibility for non-profit organizations. And at its core, sponsorship is about relationships. People talking to people, which generates people giving to people. Stories of the work we do and who we help are the hooks that generate […]

Planning with Staff & Volunteer Support

I often get asked by organizations that are in transition… how do we better incorporate a partnership between our staff and volunteers so that we have a really strong team planning our event. My first response always is… you can’t do it without your volunteers. For every new person on the team you open the […]

Auction Training in Review

Last week we hosted an Auction Planning Class at The Melody Ballroom. Thirty people from 18 different organizations around Oregon and Washington gathered to dive into an all-day class about the ins and outs of auction planning. There were fantastic questions asked and conversations about what has worked and not worked at events, creating an […]
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