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You asked, and we’re proud to offer some new levels of support for your next event. In addition to full service, we now have several menu options that you can use to customize the areas of your event that you need the most help with. Check them out!

Fundraising Event Audit + Strategy: Support your organization in developing a strategic event plan for the year to engage donors through fundraising events. We would review your current events themselves, and provide an assessment on the areas below and make strategic recommendations to improve in all areas and meet objectives.

Strategic Plan for Your Event: Have the infrastructure to carry out producing your fundraising event but are looking for strategic direction to capture its fundraising potential and your ability to connect with donors? Looking to reboot your event and unsure what that could look like? We will build you a customized strategy as the resource from which you can plan your event.

Event Script Development: Looking for help scripting and shaping how your event will actually look from the stage? We can take all of your event elements and help you shape them into an effective event arc and then write your script so that you can focus your energy on maximizing donor cultivation for the event.

Special Appeal Strategy: Your special appeal is your largest fundraising opportunity at your event when approached with a specific strategy during your planning. We will work with you to maximize your appeal story, look at your donor history for opportunities for growth, strategize the best uses of challenge and matching gifts and help you elevate your fundraising during this crucial part of your event with an ask + collection strategy.

Video: Video can be a highly effective method of telling your story at an event. We can work with you to shape a dynamic and effective video to tell the story of your organization or your special appeal.

Event Branding: Your event brand is an important piece of the puzzle. It communicates visually with your audience, setting the tone of the event before the doors of the venue open. It also provides visual and textual information about your event and should align with who you are. The voice and design of your event should be thoughtfully considered, succinct and powerful. This offering gives you with everything you need to produce and implement a successful event brand. It also provides several pieces of critical creative collateral that let you focus on other things to make your event a home run.

Event Assessment: Sometimes having an outside perspective on your event can help you continue to elevate its effectiveness. We will take a look at your onsite event execution including registration, flow, service, program, logistics, strategy and guest experience. We will then take all of that information and write up an assessment of your event highlighting its strengths and recommendations for future growth.

Custom Training: A custom 3-hour training for your staff and board about how to engage effectively in planning your event and how to strategically meet fundraising goals. It will be developed around your organization’s specific goals, objectives and concerns.

Greater Giving Training: Want a smooth registration process and to be able to manage all event data easily? Utilizing Greater Giving to its fullest can accomplish that. Using this online software as your event database allows you to track guests, tables, sales, auction items, sponsorships, sell tickets to your event and collect credit card payments at your event. We will train your team on how to best use Greater Giving. We will also provide you with tools and recommendations along the way so your guests can have a more seamless check-in/check-out experience. One of these tools includes a seating meeting where we will walk you through placing guests and sponsored tables strategically in the room. You will walk away from this meeting with every guest seated at a table and tables assigned within Greater Giving.

On-Call Hourly Consulting: This pre-event strategic consulting can help increase fundraising opportunities, provide opportunities to brainstorm, problem solve program development, generate messaging ideas, evaluate your special appeal, solve event details, give you ideas for vendors and look at how to streamline workload prior to your event. This is just time with one of our strategic consultants to brainstorm, get ideas and solicit feedback on your event plans.

We would love to talk to you about your event and how we can support you on it. You can submit a request HERE or give us a call at 503-234-4546.

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