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Connecting an audience to why your work matters is key in maximizing fundraising potential at events. People give to organizations they believe in and resonate with. If someone really believes in the stories of your clients and the impact of your work, they will follow and support it with gusto. But they have to know what you believe in.

This month, Bradley Angle celebrated 40 years of offering domestic violence survivors options for safety, empowerment, healing and hope at their annual GlamHer event. Their main goal was to connect people to why this work matters. Being intentional about their program elements was a key to their success.

A short, 1-minute video was shown near the beginning of the program that highlighted 5 tools used by Bradley Angle to address the barriers of violence, poverty, trauma and systematic oppression. The video was clear, focused and spoke from their beliefs so the audience could really connect with them. They didn’t list programs, facts or statistics. They simply spoke from why they do what they do.

G15-299AG15-308nother part of the program included a fashion show of accessories that were being raffled off. A key decision was made to utilize the staff of Bradley Angle to be the models in the fashion show. While the “model” was walking the runway, the emcee talked about the work the staff member did for Bradley Angle. In this way, the audience was building a connection to the staff and the different programs of the organization were highlighted. All the while, the audience was having fun checking out what they could win in the raffle.

Overall, guests of GlamHer walked away with a better understanding of what Bradley Angle provided survivors of domestic violence. But even more, they walked away connected to their organization. And the funds raised at the event greatly exceeded expectations. It was because people couldn’t help but give to an organization they connected with and believed in.

G15-462G15-615When talking about your organization, always speak from the WHY. Why does your organization do what they do? What does your organization believe in? When people hear what your organization believes in and why, they can easily resonate with it. And their giving follows their belief.


Photos by Andie Petkus

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