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Telling the story of your organization at your event in a compelling and clear way is one of the most important parts of your program. It is vital to tap into the why of your work first, to convey the beating heart of it all. This will pull your donors in and engage them.

While your numbers and programs specifics are incredibly important to your work, they can create distance between you and your event audience. They can also make for a very complicated story.

How you tell your story at your event can create a cohesive narrative for your organization.

The use of video can be an amazing tool to accomplish this task. In a very short period of time you can convey the vision and energy of your organization, show how your programs are a part of that and give your donors access to moments they would not get otherwise.

They can get a true experience of your work and its impact first hand.

This year Camp Fire Columbia took this task head on and created an organizational video for their annual Talent Show event that told a unified story of two programs that had previously felt separate.

Why did video work so well for them?

2015Campfire (36 of 69)Camp Fire offers both school programs and a summer camp for kids. Often people know about one or the other, but not both. The video was carefully scripted and narrated by the new CEO of the organization and grounded the two programs in the common vision of their work: “At Camp Fire we believe that engaged, confident, well-rounded youth build thriving communities.”

By setting that as a platform, it became easy for donors to see that whether at Camp or in school, kids were receiving the benefits of education, enrichment and opportunities to find their spark. By utilizing footage in their video from both camp and school programs, they were able to take donors to the front line of the organization’s work. Donors could see the amazing activities at Camp and go into the school classrooms and see the faces of youth impacted by this important work.

The result was a spirited narrative that allowed them to communicate the inspiration for their work and show its impact in a very short period of time.

Video by PCMA

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